This is the Viselio
Visa Widget.

Here you can pick your country and the destination of your choice. Our visa widget will then inform you if you need a visa or not.

How to get visa widget

Now you can also set up our visa widget on your website or blog.
You can do that by registering for our Affiliate program.

Why should you choose to become affiliate

Why should you choose
to become affiliate

Banners, fliers, links, visa widget

Besides being easy to use without any need for programming knowledge, we offer commissions for each person who applies for a visa with us through your website. You can also get banners, fliers or links, all depending on your choice.

You are developer?

You are developer?

API Access

Besides the visa widget, you can also receive an API access. By using the API, you can get all the information about visa requirements. Visit our Developers page to sign in for our API and receive your API key.