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Visa Panel

Viselio developed a sophisticated platform with which you can manage all applicant’s travel records and apply for their visa. You can organize your visa application details for each and every traveller or for the whole group. Whether your employee needs to go on the business trip, or you are organizing a group tour, Visa Panel covers all your visa needs.

Visa panel

Innovative Technology

We are constantly improving Visa Panel tool and developing new and upgraded tech solutions for a visa process. Visa Panel is fully supported and user-friendly platform, and it is accessible from every device.

Simplified Process

Instead of stressing out about out-dated visa application process, Visa Panel allows you to apply for your visa in just a couple clicks. It's an easy and simple time-saving process that allows you to apply, keep track and have a complete overview of every visa applications.

Standardised System

Forget about mistakes, missing documents, and complex steps. Visa Panel provides a structured visa process that covers the needs of businesses of all sizes. With our tool, we can ensure you will provide the best service to your travellers, partners and employees.

Superb Features

All our partners have different business necessities, for this reason, Visa Panel provides different features suitable for everyone's needs. Whether you need to apply for your clients, employees or for the whole group of travellers, Visa Panel supports all your requirements.

Cutting-Edge Visa Solution

Whether you run a travel agency or corporation, Viselio's Visa Panel offers you the best visa management tool for all your needs. No more complicated paperwork and several sheets. All data is organized in one place and completely adjustable to your preferences.

Depending on your business requirements and its size, Visa Panel provides different management options.

Single Application

One of the Visa Panel's main features is the Single Application feature. Users can easily create a visa application for the traveller by filling out the details after which they are transferred to fill in the chosen visa application form. Our clients are able to see all visa details, personal details, trip info, payment and generated files. They can also upload additional files and generate new files after editing the application. It's a simple and easy way to keep track of the visa application and ensure everything is done in accordance with the embassy and consular requirements.

Visa panel screenshot Visa panel screenshot

Group Application

When it comes to group trips, the best way to apply for a visa is with our Group Application feature. You can enter all the data for the group manually or by uploading the CSV file. The feature allows you to create a separate group with specific travellers, and you can also add new travellers to already existing groups in just a couple of clicks. It's an efficient solution that saves time, prevents data loss and gives our clients the opportunity to keep track of every change in the process.

Visa panel screenshot Visa panel screenshot

Additional Services

Our Visa Panel has many different features that are completely customizable to your necessities, like our additional services. You can choose services such as health insurance, Viselio, visa printing and much more. Depending on your needs and requirements, every additional service can be added separately for each traveller or for the whole group. With all the perks of our Visa Panel, the users can guarantee the highest quality visa application experience.

Visa panel screenshot Visa panel screenshot

Traveller Feature

For businesses that have different departments in their infrastructure, Travel Feature is an efficient solution that provides a simple and easy visa application service. It is applicable to both small business or business with several thousand travellers. Companies can easily keep track of every employee's visa and apply for them. Instead of worrying, doing double work, keeping all the paperwork, Travel Feature allows you to have an overview of every tourist and business trip within your company. Users can apply for their visa through Visa Panel, re-use data, check individual visa validity, receive an update about visa expiration and much more.

Visa panel screenshot Visa panel screenshot

Wait, that is not all...

Visa Panel has many features that will help you minimize the possibility for mistakes and provide your travellers with the best possible visa application experience.

Customer Support

All documents in one place

Advanced search

Generate documents

Notification documents

Tracking history


Customizable access rights

Onboarding for Visa Panel Users

In order to help our partners integrate Visa Panel in a seamless and fast way, our Customer Success Manager will ensure you are provided with continued support and customized onboarding process. We are here to help you use all of the perks that Visa Panel offers and leverage it for your business needs. This also applies to clients that require on-site training for all three languages, French, English and German.

Become a part of our Visa Service Network

Viselio is dedicated to improving and developing the best solutions for the visa application process. We are happy to say that we collaborate with numerous companies in the leisure and business travel industry, and with numerous local companies. Our clients use our Visa Panel as their solution for visa applying. With standardised and top-notch visa application process, Viselio is here to help you increase your revenue and efficiency.

Work with Us

Leisure Travel

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Whether you run a sea or river cruise company, or you are a travel agent, tour operator, travel chain owner or DMC, Visa Panel is a perfect solution for your business. With our visa management dashboard, you can easily create, track, update your visa applications in just a few clicks. Learn more about how you can leverage our innovative tool.

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Business Travel

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Increase your revenue by providing only the very best for your clients, partners or employees. It's our goal to ensure that obtaining visas is a simple process done in a timely and efficient manner. Whether you run a corporation, SME, networks, national or international TMCs, Visa Panel has all the features to support the necessities of your business. Learn about how you can become our client.

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Local Partners

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Viselio is constantly looking to expand our Network of Partners. For this reason, our local partners that pick up and bring personal documents from/to embassy or consulate play a crucial role in the visa application process. By using the Visa Panel management tool, we help simplify the process of applying for a visa and as well provide an innovative solution that helps our partners increase their revenue and achieve better results.

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