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We are completely dedicated to improving and developing the best solutions for the visa application process. For this reason, we collaborate with different companies in the leisure travel industry. Our goal is to provide you with the standardised, top-notch, fully supported visa process, that will help our partners increase their revenue and work efficiency.

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Standardised Visa Process

Whether you own a large travel company or a small travel business, Viselio provides a standardised management system for the visa application process. No mistakes, missing documents, and confusing steps. With our Visa Panel dashboard, we can ensure you will provide the best service to your clients.

Customized Pricing Plan

Depending on your needs and requirements, Viselio’s Visa Panel offers you a possibility to choose your own pricing for your clients. You can charge for your visa service using your company's pricing list for a group and individual visa applications. We also offer a commission based partnerships.

Group Applications

For travel companies that create tour trips, or need to create separate groups with specific travellers, Visa Panel provides an option for group visa applications. No more double work, losing data or waiting in line. We can do all that for you.

Multilingual Support

We always aim to provide only the very best to both our clients and partners. For this reason, Viselio’s service offers multilingual support, dedicated customer support person and individual Visa Panel training for you and your employees.

Innovative Visa Solution for the Leisure Travel Industry

We understand how exhausting and complicated visa application may be. Too much paperwork, outdated visa process, not enough information, missed deadlines and many more problems.
Viselio created the first fully automated visa application form in the world. With our visa form and sophisticated platform Visa Panel, we provide a fast, secure, innovative and efficient visa solution.

Top Notch Technology

Dedicated Support Agents

Same Day Submittals

Fast & Efficient Visa Application

All data in one place

Standardised process

Global Coverage

Attractive Commissions

Additional documents provided

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We offer you the opportunity to increase your revenue by providing only the very best for your clients. It’s our job to ensure your employees and customers obtain their visas on time and in a simple way. Whether you run a sea or river cruise company, or you are a travel agent, tour operator, travel chain owner or DMC, Viselio is a perfect visa solution for your business. Feel free to contact us for any business inquiries, we are happy to help. Become our Partner today!

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Cruise Company

Viselio provides a professional and effective visa process to both sea cruise and river cruise companies that require a visa application for their travellers. It is a fast and simple visa application system for processing guests' travel visas before their departure. We provide the direct import of ship's data and ensure processing of each departure individually. Viselio helps you avoid any kind of confusions or concerns about visa and passport processing by offering cruise companies to facilitate obtaining necessary visas to their clients via our Visa Panel tool and earn attractive commissions.

National & International Travel Chains

We provide visa application service for both national and international travel chains. Viselio truly understands the needs of big travel chains, and the high standard service it’s expected from us. Therefore, we always provide only the best visa service to each partner by ensuring a seamless and structured visa application system, with simple integration in their processes and procedures. This way big travel chains can guarantee the same high standard of their every office and every visa application process. Plus with Viselio's commission model and more efficient service, chains can increase their business profits.

Online Travel Agents (OTA)

We aim to provide online travel agents with the proper visa application dashboard allowing them to offer the highest quality service and more travel options for their clients after their booking. Our visa solution covers Visa Panel tool, expert visa help, dedicated customer support, excellent additional revenue opportunity and much more. In addition, Viselio's API solutions are easy to integrate into OTA systems. We are here to help online travel agents provide their customers with more complete and more profitable travel booking experience by ensuring they provide the very best visa application process.

Travel Agents

With our visa service, travel agents can successfully provide visa application service for their clients. Viselio provides all the steps for requiring a valid travel visa, including a Visa Panel tool and dedicated support agent for all possible questions. Our visa experts are trained to help you obtain visas for your clients for all the destinations we cover. Whether you need to apply for a group application or single, we are your solution. Plus, we offer a commission based collaboration.

Tour Operators

Preparing your clients for the trip abroad, particularly when their tour includes a visit to several countries, can be very complex. We offer tour operators a perfect visa solution to ensure their travellers are well prepared for the travel by providing them with our Visa Panel dashboard. Viselio offers introduction training for with our system and assigned multilingual customer help. No more time-consuming paperwork, waiting in line or confusing processes. We ensure that tour operators provide fast, simple and completely efficient visa process for their travel groups of all sizes.

Destination Management Company

Depending on the services DMC provides to their clients, such as tour operators, conference organisers, or travel agencies, Viselio always creates the most efficient visa solution for their requirements and business needs. We ensure your clients are well prepared before their departure and have obtained all valid necessary documentation. With our Visa Panel and all additional services we provide, destination management companies can guarantee superb visa service to their clients.

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Visa Panel

Viselio developed a sophisticated visa tool for effective and professional management of all applicants’ travel records and their visa applications. The panel allows you to create both single and group applications and keep track of every application separately. You can simply choose your dedicated customer support agent that speaks either English, Deutch or French language. It’s a perfect platform for every company that in some way offers or requires visa obtaining.

Professional service

User-friendly tools

Advanced features

Group applications

Dedicated support agent

Transparent visa process


Re-entry of data

Customizable access rights

and much more...

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Meet Viselio

Learn more about Viselio, and all the reasons why we are so passionate about the visa application process.

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