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Viselio understands the importance of high standard visa service, and we always aim to develop and improve the best possible visa solution for both our partners and clients. Whether you own a small business or multinational company, we ensure you provide seamless, top notch, and simple visa solution to your employees, partners or clients.

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Standardised Visa Process

Viselio provides a structured and standardised visa process that covers the needs of businesses of all sizes. We developed and implemented a visa system that guarantees our clients and partners are fully prepared for a visa application before their departure. No mistakes, missing documents, and complex steps. With our Visa Panel dashboard, we can ensure you will provide the best service to your clients, partners and employees.

Customized Pricing Plan

Depending on your business needs and requirements, Viselio’s Visa Panel offers you a possibility to choose your own pricing for your clients and employees. Partners can charge for their necessary visa service using tailor-made pricing for a group and individual visa applications. We offer commission based partnerships with dedicated customer support. It's our job to ensure you prepare for your business travel in a timely and efficient manner.

Global Coverage

Viselio works with both local and international partners to bring the visa process to the digital age and offers an opportunity for increasing their business revenue. Our service provides global contracts and global payment for managing your travel in an efficient manner, both globally and locally. Whether your business is a multinational company small-to-medium enterprise, our Visa Panel will fulfil all your requirements to provide you with a perfect visa solution for every business trip.

Top Notch Technology

Visa process requires constant work, and we are proud to say that we are always up to date with new technologies and that we truly foster every innovation. Our team creates and develops new ways to improve the visa application process in every way possible. For this reason, we use top-notch technology solution for every service we offer.

Superb Visa Solution for Business Travel Industry

We understand how exhausting and complicated visa application may be. Too much paperwork, outdated visa process, not enough information, missed deadlines and many more problems.

Viselio created the first fully automated visa application form in the world. With our visa form and sophisticated platform Visa Panel, we provide a fast, secure, innovative and efficient visa solution.

Top Notch Technology

Same Day Submittals

Fast & Efficient Visa Application

Standardised process

Global Coverage

Attractive Commissions

Dedicated Support Agents

Additional documents provided

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We offer you the opportunity to increase your revenue by providing only the very best for your clients, partners or employees. It’s our job to ensure that obtaining visas is a simple process done in a timely and structured manner. Whether you run a corporation, SME, networks, national or international TMCs, Viselio is a perfect visa solution for your business. Feel free to contact us for any business inquiries, we are happy to help. Become our Partner today!

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Travel Management Companies (TMC)

Every day thousands of people depend on TMCs to provide them with an innovative and latest technology solutions for visa obtaining. The goal is to make sure travellers have a seamless experience, where visa obtaining is friction free, and implemented directly in the post-booking processes. For Travel Management Companies this can be a complex issue that requires a lot of time, money and resources. Viselio offers consultancy expertise and in-depth industry knowledge invaluable for customers who need visas for their travel and we facilitate cost-efficient travel solutions for your clients. As a visa service company, it is our job to help you build your business with a structured and secure way of achieving interactions to drive TMC's business growth.

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Corporations and Multinational Companies

Viselio's Visa Panel tool provides fast, secure and easy visa process for every individual or group who require visa obtaining for their business trip. Our tool is a global visa solution for both clients, partners and their employees. It offers an optimized process where corporations and multinational companies can now simply focus on their business instead of on logistic issues such as visa obtaining. Visa Panel has different features that provide the freedom to create a flexible environment with member benefits, top-notch technology, and both individual and group pricing.

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Small-to-Medium Enterprises (SME)

What is known to be a complex and confusing process, with Visa Panel tool, it is moved from analogue to digital in a secure and simple way. We offer consultancy expertise, visa management tool, profiling, re-using data option, and in-depth industry knowledge invaluable for customers who need visas for their travel. No paperwork missed deadlines or cancelled trips. All data is stored in one place and customizable for the client's needs.

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The personalized and seamless visa process is one of the main advantages that Viselio offers to each and every partner. We recognize and analyse different problems in the visa industry, and provide innovative and digital ways of improving every step of this process. Business partners such as travel networks can enjoy global reach and visa expertise for over 70 different visa destinations.

Visa Panel

Viselio developed a sophisticated visa tool for effective and professional management of all applicants’ travel records and their visa applications. The panel allows you to create both single and group applications and keep track of every application separately. You can simply choose your dedicated customer support agent that speaks either English, German or French language. It’s a perfect platform for every company that in some way offers or requires visa obtaining.

Professional service

User-friendly tools

Advanced features

Group applications

Dedicated support agent

Transparent visa process


Re-entry of data

Customizable access rights

and much more...

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Meet Viselio

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Meet Viselio

Learn more about Viselio, and all the reasons why we are so passionate about the visa application process.

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