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Depending on the destination you’ve chosen to visit, business introduction letter and/or invitation letter can be mandatory documents for the visa application.

Viselio Letter Generator provides you with all necessary information, including an example of an invitation letter for a visa. This way you can rest assured that you will provide a valid invitation letter for your visa application. With our letter generator, you can select a letter template to fill in. Simply choose our office located in your country and your travel destination to start creating your invitation letter.

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Business Invitation Letter

for a Visa Application

One of the required documents for a visa application for many countries is an Invitation Letter. Applicants are in obligation to submit it to the embassy or consulate, or in our case, Viselio does all that for our clients.

An Invitation Letter is written by the traveller's host and it needs to be either addressed to the consular officer or the traveller himself. It's a confirmation that the traveller will be accommodated in the inviter's home in that particular country.

If you are searching the Internet, you will find different guidelines for creating an Invitation Letter. In order to help our clients to avoid mistakes such as wording or wrong information, we developed an efficient solution for creating this required visa application document - Viselio Letter Generator.

Viselio Letter Generator

Viselio understands the importance of delivering the highest standard of visa service to our clients. In order to do so, one of the solutions we developed is Viselio Letter Generator. It allows you to create an invitation letter on your own in just a couple of clicks.

It's a simple and easy solution that will help you generate your business invitation letter in accordance with the embassy and consular requirements.

Time-saving template

You need just a couple of minutes to create your invitation letter with our Letter Generator. We created a simplified solution that allows you to see the template and easily fill in the blank fields.

Free of charge service

Travellers that are applying for a visa for one of the destinations listed in the generator, it's free of charge to create their invitation letter. Viselio is happy to help you apply for your visa with all necessary documents.

All required information

The template of the invitation letter is based on the required information by the embassy and consulate. Simply fill in your information and generate a valid document for your visa application.

Mistake-free document

Viselio Letter Generate allows you to create your invitation letter without mistakes such as grammar, wording or missing information. Everything you need to create your invitation letter is stored in our generator. Simply fill in the blank spaces and follow the instructions.

How to create your Invitation Letter

In order to create your own Invitation letter with our generator, every traveller first needs to fill in a couple of required information that will automatically generate your template.


Please choose our office in one of the countries listed in the options.


Choose the visa destination you are applying for.

Selected Embassy/Consulate

By choosing your visa destination, you will automatically see the selected embassy for that country.


Our Letter Generator offers two types of documents that can be created with this widget: Invitation Letter and Business Introduction Letter.


What are the requirements for a

Letter of Invitation

Depending on the type of visa you are applying for and the requirements of that specific embassy, letter of invitation from the business partner usually includes:

Reason for the stay

Length of stay


The frequency of entry

Date of birth

Full name

Passport number

Job title

Relationship between the traveller and the inviter

Keep in mind that this information may vary depending on the consular and embassy requirements. Please carefully follow the instructions in the template.

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