New Partnership: Viselio & JoinMyTrip

Viselio and JoinMyTrip collaboration

Planning a trip is almost as exciting as actually being on a travel journey – for some people.

For others, the whole search for the cheapest flights, best accommodation, and/or activities is a nightmare. They would rather just leave all that to somebody who’s more into organizing it all than them.

That is why JoinMyTrip is a great place to start your trip.

What is JoinMyTrip?

JoinMyTrip is the world’s biggest community of like-minded travelers offering an online platform where you can find travel partners and create unique experiences.

If you are the type of traveler that prefers skipping the planning part and just wants to enjoy the travel experience, you can join unique trips as a TripMate. You will be able to choose your trip from among the ones that are created by trusted TripLeaders. And you won’t have to worry about accommodation or transportation at the destination, as all our trips include that.

If you are the type of traveler that enjoys the excitement of planning a trip for yourself and others, you can become a TripLeader. 

As a TripLeader you decide how flexible your trip is, how much it will cost, etc. You also get to decide who joins – who will be your TripMate(s).

What’s great about JoinMyTrip is that you can also create a coworking trip or join a coworking crew! 

From a small village cottage office to grand pool houses in Portugal, you can choose where and with whom of your coworking buddies you want to share accommodation and working space.

By going on a CoWorking trip with JoinMyTrip you are surrounding yourself with awesome new people. You will be able to experience various cultural experiences and enjoy your freedom to explore the world. It is easier to see the world while working and JoinMyTrip with their Coworking feature helps you with that!

What’s this Viselio & JoinMyTrip partnership about?

For JoinMyTrip members that travel abroad and need a travel visa, Viselio provides an exclusive discount!

Every JoinMyTrip traveler can get 15€ off their purchase when obtaining a visa & travel documents with Viselio.

Also, if a traveler needs a COVID-19 PCR test for travel, Viselio can provide that together with a travel visa, or as a separate service! You can find more information about COVID-testing before the trip here.

By partnering with JoinMyTrip we made for this extraordinary community of travelers a smart way to easily get their required travel documents to travel around the world.

So make sure to explore their site to find like-minded travel buddies with JoinMyTrip to join your next adventure.

Start planning and creating your trip for spring 2021 NOW!

Why use Viselio COVID-19 testing services

It can be really challenging for travelers to get tested on time since many countries are requiring documentation of a negative COVID-test within a limited timeframe (24-72 hours before your trip). 

You can get tested in a number of places including some pharmacies, private and public clinics, hospitals, etc. However, published turnaround times of test results vary greatly – from an hour to 5 days, and reality does not always match expectations… This is why many travelers have horrible experiences – from missing their flights or overspending to catch the first next one, to having to cancel their trips without any refunds.

We have created a system of COVID-testing specifically for travelers, where fast and internationally recognized results are guaranteed! Don’t just take our word for it. See what others say.

Before ordering on our website you can check the exact travel requirements that are necessary for your trip, which will help you act accordingly.

Our COVID-19 testing services are provided by state-accredited laboratories. The analyses are done by certified biomedical staff with delicate precision and up to the highest biomedical standards.

We guarantee that:

  • You will save time by ordering/booking test online
  • Your results will be delivered within 6-24h via email
  • Our tests are internationally recognized
  • Our prices are the lowest in the country

Besides providing COVID-19 testing services for travelers, there are many other benefits that Viselio can provide to each and every client. We offer a fully automated visa application service, invitations letters, and other necessary travel documentation. You can read more about Viselio and our services here.

More information

Below you can find helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions about Viselio services. For anything else, our Customer Service Agents are available to you Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm. You can communicate with them in English, German, or French via email, telephone call, or website chat. 

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