How To Apply for a Travel Visa with Viselio

Forget about the complex and long visa application process! 

Thanks to our fully automated visa application form, you can apply for your travel or business visa online within a few minutes.

Here’s how it works.

Check visa requirements

Since COVID-19, travel & entry regulations are constantly changing, as countries are adjusting health measures on a regular basis. 

This is why we advise you to first check if travel to your destination is possible. You can easily do that by using our Entry Monitor – a tool we created to help you quickly get information on whether the entry is possible.

Visa is still obligatory for most countries, but now there are other health and entry requirements travelers must meet. Don’t worry – Viselio can help you with that, too! But for now, let’s go back to the visa application.

After you confirm that entry at your destination is possible, you can move on to the next step.

Determine visa type

Once you open, you need to decide on what type of visa you want to apply to.

With Viselio you can apply for a tourist or business visa. Depending on your travel destination, it can be a physical (paper) visa or an e-Visa (eTA, ESTA, etc.)

Once you’re clear about the type of visa you need, you can simply click on one of the offered cards on the website (‘Travel Visa’ or ‘e-Visa’) and continue your visa application process.

Fill in the required fields

From the dropdown menu, you need to choose a country you are traveling from and a destination you are traveling to.

Then choose your nationality, visa type, number of entries, and processing time. Click on the “Start Application” button and proceed (see example below).

You will be referred directly to your visa application form, where you will continue importing personal data and other information that is required.

If at any time during the form filling process you have a question, visit our FAQs pageFor any further assistance, feel free to reach out to us. Our Visa Specialists will be happy to help!

Few useful tips when filling out the form

1. Keep your documents at close reach

Every visa application form requires specific data, such as the number of your passport, address, phone number, etc., and in some cases very detailed trip information. Please keep your documents close to you before you start filling out the form – it will speed up the process.

2. Fill in all required fields

Every required field in our visa application form has to be filled in. Viselio creates forms only with information that the embassy or consulate requires for the visa you are applying for. So please, make sure you fill in all the information correctly.

3. Pay attention to visa photo requirements

Having a proper photo for your visa application is crucial! Over 25% of visa applications are declined because of the non-compliant photo. Please make sure you read our “Tips On How to Take a Perfect Visa (Biometric) Photo” article before uploading your visa photo.

4. Don’t mind the odd questions

Sometimes you can get confused when you see a question that might look odd. But don’t be. Certain countries have very specific requirements for their visa applicants – no matter how unusual they might seem to you, they are a part of the visa application process. 


Check your email

Once you’re done with filling out and submitting the form, you will receive an email from us containing a “Required Documents Checklist” in the attachment. All the required information from the checklist is requested by the embassy/consulate, therefore make sure you check all the boxes from the checklist.

Sign & send your documents

Make sure you print all the required documents that we pointed out in our email and sign them where necessary. Please know that the signature must be your original handwriting, signed by hand with a pen – no digital signature. 

Send them to us via the Post Office. Viselio offers different shipping methods depending on your nationality and visa type. 

There’s no need to worry about the safety of your documents –  they are perfectly safe with us. All our offices are equipped with surveillance cameras and fireproof safes. All your personal data, including your photos, is only used for the visa application process. 

For more legal information about our terms and conditions, return policies, privacy policies, etc. please visit Viselio Legal Portal.

Few useful tips when sending documents

1. Choose your envelope carefully

It is very important to choose a high-quality envelope. Sometimes due to bad envelope quality, torn envelopes arrive via mail at our offices. When this is the case, a passport can be damaged in the shipping process. 

2. Seal the envelope properly

Your documents should be packed in a stable envelope so that they are secured. Make sure to seal the envelope properly. We highly recommend that you send your documents by Registered Mail. This way your shipment is insured against any damage and loss. Also, you will receive a tracking number that enables you to check where the shipment is located and whether it has been delivered to us.

3. If sending documents by courier

Please contact us before sending any documents by courier. All shipments should be addressed to the post box, in order to ensure timely handling of the documents.

4. Choose the right Viselio Office

You need to send us your documents to the right Viselio Office address. This depends on where you are applying from (your location). The Viselio Office address to which you need to send us your (properly packed) documentation will be shared with you once you complete the form. Please, make sure to double-check the address and send your travel documentation to the right Viselio Office!


Get your visa

Once your visa is approved, we will send you an email with details about your visa delivery. We know that nobody likes to wait, but the visa approval period varies as it depends on your nationality, the type of visa, and the processing time you’ve chosen when filling out the visa application form. 

  • Physical (paper) visa delivery

After your visa is granted, Viselio sends back your passport together with the approved visa, at the shipping address you provided in your visa application form. We will make sure your visa application is processed and shipped to you in a timely and efficient manner.

  • e-Visa delivery

The approval period for an e-Visa can take from a couple of minutes up to a few days. After your e-Visa is granted, we will send to you an email with the attached Visa Approval Letter, and a short Traveler Guide on how to present your e-Visa at the checkpoint.

Why use Viselio online visa application form

Visas are a necessary part of the international traveling process. 

But unfortunately, applying for a travel visa can be extremely stressful and sometimes, even an obstacle to your upcoming trip. Many people have a lot of problems with their visa applications, and very frequently they end up having to delay or even worse, cancel their planned trip.

Viselio prevents all possible visa application lapses and documentation oversights – just ask our customers!  We take great pride in the fact that 99,7% of people successfully acquired their travel visas by using our online visa application form.

Because we understand that time is a very precious thing, we have created a visa application system where there is:

  • No waiting in long lines in front of the embassy 
  • No time-consuming paperwork collecting
  • No need for you to physically do anything, except to fill out our online form

The risk of being rejected for your travel visa is reduced with Viselio because we have the experience and knowledge on what documents exactly need to be submitted. Our team of Visa Specialists will double-check for you all your data, to make sure all information is filled out properly.

Besides providing a fully automated visa application service, there are many other benefits that Viselio can provide to each and every client. We also offer COVID-19 testing services for travelers, invitations letters, and other necessary travel documentation. You can read more about our additional services here. Fast, easy, and secure service is of utmost importance to us!

Take the hassle out of bureaucratic application forms and endless visits to embassies. Apply online for your visa with Viselio.

More information

Below you can find helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions about Viselio services. For anything else, our Customer Service Agents are available to you Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm. You can communicate with them in English, German, or French via email, telephone call, or website chat. 

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