Daily COVID-19 Travel Update: Entry Regulations (6/15/2021)

With the ever-changing nature of the current situation due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to publish the “Daily COVID-19 Travel Update: Entry Regulations” series of blog posts.

Please read below the most recent travel updates and entry regulations during the coronavirus pandemic.


Starting from 01.07.2021, passengers with a Digital Green Certificate (vaccinated, recovered, or tested) will be exempt from self-isolation after arrival from red countries. Only residents will be allowed to enter from virus variant countries. They will be required to self-isolate for 10 days.


Morocco has introduced country categorization into A and B lists. Passengers from B list countries (see list here) can enter only with exceptional authorizations, while passengers from A list countries (all countries not listed as B countries, including Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, and United Kingdom) can enter for any reason. Passengers arriving from B list countries are subject to 10-day quarantine at designated hotels and must have a printed negative result of a COVID-19 PCR test in English, Arabic or French, taken no more than 48 hours prior to arrival. Passengers arriving from A list countries must present either a negative PCR test result or a vaccination certificate and are exempt from the quarantine requirement.

Other Daily Updates

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina – a negative result of rapid antigen tests is now also accepted for passengers arriving from European countries. Passengers with a vaccination certificate (with at least 14 days passed from the second dose or single Janssen dose) and passengers with a recovery certificate (issued by a medical doctor between 14 and 180 days prior to arrival) are exempt from the testing requirement.
  • Dominican Republic – passengers arriving from the United Kingdom no longer need a negative test result.
  • Greece – residents of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro are now allowed to enter.
  • Portugal – rapid antigen tests taken within 24 hours prior to the departure are now accepted for entry to Portugal.
  • Romania – Switzerland, Germany, Austria, and Italy are now categorized as green countries. Passengers arriving from these countries are exempt from the testing and quarantine requirements.
  • Slovakia – passengers arriving from green countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Sweden included) are exempt from self-isolation if they receive a negative result on a rapid antigen test taken anytime upon arrival. Passengers arriving from red and black countries (the United Kingdom included) are subject to 14-day self-isolation. It can be shortened for those arriving from red countries by receiving a negative result on a PCR test taken on day 8 after arrival. The list of countries is available at: korona.gov.sk/en/travelling-to-slovakia-and-covid19/
  • Thailand – Phuket island will reopen for tourists on 01.07.2021.
  • Ukraine – passengers with a vaccination certificate are exempt from the testing requirement. Vaccines approved by WHO are accepted: Pfizer/BioNTech, Janssen, AstraZeneca, Moderna, Sinopharm, and Sinovac.


*IMPORTANT NOTE*   Please be aware that Viselio is not liable for the information provided in this blog and a final confirmation should be obtained from official governmental authorities.


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