Country Listing: Mandatory COVID-Test for Entry (May 31, 2021)

International travel begins to resume once again, with many adjustments and health safety as a top priority.

Following coronavirus pandemic restrictions, countries around the world do all that is in their power to contain the spread of COVID-19 with arriving travelers. The safety protocol many are practicing is mandatory proof of negative COVID-19 test on entry.

However, this protocol is fast-changing, and the type of test that is required may vary from county to country. To help out our customers easily follow entry requirements regarding COVID-19 testing for travel, we decided to publish this list once a week.

Listed below are the countries that have included a COVID-test as a mandatory entry requirement, for Swiss nationality travelers.

For more information about other nationalities check our Viselio Entry Monitor.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be aware that Viselio is not liable for the information provided in this blog and a final confirmation should be obtained from official governmental authorities.*

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