Visa automation
for Companies of all sizes!

Visas are an annoying necessity, but applying for a visa does not need to be all that hard!

With Viselio you can:

Decrease Complexity

Our end-to-end visa solution neatly integrates into your travel process. We have automated the whole visa application process – from triggering the application and filling the application forms, to the reconciliation of the invoice.

Leverage Your Existing Tools

You have already implemented an SBT, lodge card payments or a travel profile solution? Great! Viselio neatly integrates a large (and growing) number of corporate travel tools.

Use the Viselio ID

Forget about the repetitive work of re-entering the data of your employees. Once you add them to the system all their data will be stored and ready to use any time they need to travel again, to any destination.

Reduce Hidden Costs

Did you ever calculate how much time do your travelers, travel arrangers and assistants spend on visa applications? Chances are, that they are spending many hours on a visa application, even when using an existing visa solution. By using Viselio, the time required for visa applications is cut down to just a few minutes..

Reduce Visa Risks

Thanks to our highly developed Track & Trace you will always know where’s your passport during the whole process. Both our team and our software track each application, from the moment you place the order until the documents are confirmed as delivered at the desired address.

Be smart. Go digital.

Use Viselio.​

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