COVID-19 Testing In Zurich & Bern

PCR & antigen rapid tests that are low-priced, convenient and provide COVID test certification that's suitable for travel and other activities.

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Zurich Airport
Bern Station
Zurich Airport
Bern Station

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We offer testing opportunities in Bern and Zurich.
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Bern Station

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Zurich Airport


PCR Test

Visit our test center to get your saliva sample collected. The sample will then be sent to our partner laboratory for PCR analysis, after which you will receive your report and COVID certificate (in English) by email according to the schedule on our website.

Budget PCR Test - Analysis in EU laboratory

Standard PCR Test - Analysis in EU laboratory

Premium PCR Test - Analysis in Swiss laboratory

Budget PCR Test - Analysis in EU laboratory

Standard PCR Test - Analysis in EU laboratory

Premium PCR Test - Analysis in Swiss laboratory

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Rapid Test

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Visit our test center where our professionally trained staff will perform a nasopharyngeal swab on you. Testing analysis will be done on-site and the result indicated within 15 minutes. You will subsequently receive your Swiss COVID Certificate (in German & English) within 30 minutes by email. The rapid test cannot be performed on children below 6 years of age.


Why Choose Viselio?

Fair Prices

We offer the lowest priced PCR test in Switzerland without compromising on quality, hygiene standards or staff training.


All our locations are conveniently located and highly organised with friendly staff who will help you perform your test quickly in a pleasant atmosphere.

Internationally Recognized

Our test results are issued in English and include all the information necessary for worldwide travel such as the testing method, your personal details and passport number.


We issue Swiss COVID certificates or COVID certificates for the EU (Green Pass). Use the certificate to travel within Europe or whenever proof of a negative test is required.

Asked Questions

Are your tests recognized everywhere?

PCR and rapid antigen tests are the most commonly required tests for travel purposes worldwide, but please always check which test is accepted at your destination. Our tests are internationally accepted; the results include a digital COVID certificate that can be used for travel or any other purpose.

Why is the PCR test you offer so much cheaper than other providers?

We provide our customers with the option to choose between two COVID testing laboratories: One located in the EU and the other in Switzerland. The scientific standards and the applied testing method (RT-PCR) are the same at both laboratories. However, due to currency conversion rates and a lower price level in the EU, we can offer the test at a favorable price.

What type of PCR test do you offer?

All of our PCR tests are RT-PCR tests, which are considered the gold standard in COVID-19 testing.

Is it legal to send my sample to the EU?

Yes, because the EU laboratory is subcontracted by an accredited laboratory in Switzerland to perform the analysis.

Can the COVID certificates issued be scanned?

Yes, our digital COVID Certificates can be scanned using the Swiss COVID Certificate App.

What should I do if I receive a positive result?

If your test result comes back positive, please consult the following official guidelines.

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At the moment we’re offering testing at two different locations: Bern and Zürich. Please choose your location to book testing.

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