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Applying for our Affiliate Program offers you a great opportunity to earn high commissions. Benefit from our company not only by increasing your earnings, as well to offer your customers or readers the opportunity to apply for their visas in the best way possible.

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Viselio offers first fully automated visa application form in the world. Travelling to China, Russia, India, and many other beautiful travel destinations was never easier. Now our customers can simply apply for their visas in just 7 minutes and ensure that they are fully prepared for their trip.

Beside our superb visa form, we offer several additional services to our customers, such as providing invitation letters, visa photos, and even delegation letter. Now you can profit from our experience and we will provide you with all the necessary tools to do it!

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Simply fill in the Viselio’s Affiliate Program application form. It’s easy, fast and completely free to join. You can start immediately start earning your commision today! No programming skill is required.

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In order to help you integrate Viselio in your business, our offer includes an attractive set of ad tools. You can choose between affiliate link, banners, flyers and even widgets!

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Simply fill in the Viselio’s Affiliate Program application form. It’s easy, fast and completely free to join. You can start immediately start earning your commision today! No programming skill is required.

What You Can Expect From

Viselio's Affiliate Programme

Viselio is a startup company, however, we provide a superb visa application service for more than 50 different travel destinations. With our professional service, there is no nasty paperwork, missing documents or waiting in line. We make sure that our clients go through their visa application process seamlessly and fast. Plus, we offer multilingual customer support for any additional questions.

By becoming Viselio’s Affiliate Partner, you will help you spread the word about our brand, as well as to ensure your clients have a great visa application experience. We will provide you with all the necessary tools, and ensure you integrate us to your business in the best way possible.

High Affiliate

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Viselio’s Affiliate Program offers different commision models depending on the number of our visa sales. We very much appreciate our travel affiliates and ensure they earn money every time our sales comes through them. Your commision percentage can go from 15% up to 25%. The more you promote us, we will award you even more!


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In order for our travel affiliates to track and monitor their earnings, Viselio provides you with your personal live dashboard. It is crucial for us to provide always a transparent and professional collaboration. Every affiliate can easily track the amount of earned commissions, but as well as to check how many sales you have achieved. The live dashboard is user-friendly and accessible from any device.

Pre-build Advertising

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Viselio offers a fully flexible set of tools as a part of our Affiliate Programme. Depending on your requirements, we can customize our tools to perfectly fit your needs. Simply tell us what you need, and we will gladly help you build it. Using our ad tools is the best way to make sure your promotion does not pass unnoticed.

Online & Offline
Targeting Materials

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In order to be the best possible affiliate partner and enjoy all segments of our program, we help you by offering you our online and offline targeting materials. We recognize that every business is different and covers vary target groups. Viselio will help you promote us accordingly to your business preferences and marketing plan.


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Affiliate partners play a significant role in our brand developing. For this reason, we always ensure they are well awarded for their excellent performance. Our Affiliate Programme offers a stepped commision that depend on the number of sales achieved by Viselio though our affiliate. The more you help us with reaching our goals, your commision will rise accordingly.

Need Help?

If you any concern or possible question for us, we are happy to help. If you are not sure how to apply and how our affiliate programme differs from others, feel free to contact our Customer Support at any time. Your opinion is very important to us, it is also the best way to make sure our collaboration will be perfectly clear and highly rewarding.

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Fill in the form and start earning your commision today! There are many ways you can use our affiliate programme to increase your earnings, besides customized tools, listed below are some of the instantly available materials.

  • Flyer
  • Banner
  • Affiliate ID link
  • Visa Widget

Affiliate Partners can order Viselio flyers with their own Affiliate ID.

Offline marketing is a powerful one if used right.

Depending on the type of business you manage, you can either place our flyers in your shop or enclose it with the trip documentation. There are so many ways you can make sure the Viselio flyers became the easiest way to reach the highest commision.

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If your business or brand is completely online, Viselio has prepared numerous banners that you can easily implement on your website.

Every single banner can be adjusted to the preferences of our affiliate partner, regarding the colour, size, and motives. Plus, it is quite easy to add it to your own digital space by simply copying and pasting it. It is a fast and super efficient promotional tool.

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Affiliate ID link

After you create your Viselio Affiliate Account, you will receive your personal affiliate link that you can easily use on your blog or website.

The number of possibilities that you can use this link in your advantage and earn money is countless. You simply put it anywhere on the Internet and increase your commision percentage with more sales.

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Visa Widget

With the help of our visa widget, you can now simply tell your customers whether they need to apply for a visa or not.

This widget is completely flexible and it can be easily adapted to your website. It supports all up to date entry requirements for more than 190 countries and all information about hundreds of consulates around Europe. Prepare your customers in the best way possible by providing them with the necessary information to ensure they travel without stress and worries.

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Build your own Tools!

Every segment of our Affiliate Programme is fully flexible and adaptable to the needs of our affiliates. If you require a different tool or individually designed advertising materials, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help!

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