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The story behind the world’s first fully automated visa service provider is quite short. We are passionate travellers, problem-solvers, a customer-oriented team of people that managed to turn one idea into a business solution!

What we do

What we do

Viselio is constantly exploring and building new ways of improving and simplifying visa application processes. For this reason, we have created, developed and launched the world’s first fully automated visa application form, as well as our sophisticated visa management tool - Visa Panel. It’s our goal to always search for an advanced and more user-friendly way of a visa application. Everything you need for getting your visa is in one place and completely safe and secure with us.

How it helps you

How it helps you

Getting a visa is a requirement for many countries, and if you plan to travel there, it is a must. With Viselio, every applicant can easily, and within just a couple of minutes apply for their visa with our visa application form. No paperwork, no waiting in line or missing documents, we do all that for you. It is our job to ensure the visa application process is not time-consuming, confusing, or outdated. As a result, you will receive a visa at your doorstep. Our visa experts and multilingual customer support are there for you at each step of the visa process.



Bring travel documentation to the 21st century.

Visa application

The visa application process is usually a complex time-consuming process, especially for someone who is applying for a visa for the first time. Viselio has developed a concept of a fully automated visa application process as a solution to this problem. The customer can enter all his date in one place and depending on the visa he applied for, he will get all his required documents ready to sign. It's easy, it's simple and it only takes 7 minutes to fill in the form. Getting a travel visa was never easier than with Viselio!

Visa panel

Viselio Places

Viselio’s Visa Panel is a sophisticated platform that provides management of all applicants' travel records and their visa applications. It’s completely user-friendly and a huge time-saver. Whether you run a travel agency or corporation, Viselio's Visa Panel offers you the best travel management tool for all your needs. All data is organized in one place and completely adjustable to your preferences. Visa Panel has several advanced features, such as group application, dedicated customer support person, a creation of new members and much more.

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Viselio team

Innovative Solutions

Viselio does its best to always keep developing a faster and easier way of the visa application process. For this reason, we build innovative tools that help you fill out our visa forms and to obtain the necessary documentation.

Best Visa Service

We understand the importance of obtaining all valid documents before you travel. Our experienced visa agents will assist you at each step of the way. They will help you fill in the form if necessary, keep track of the deadlines and answer all your possible questions. Viselio also offers additional services depending on the visa you applied.

Trusted Partners

Our company collaborates with several long-trusted names in order to provide only the very best for our customers. We offer Visa Panel as a perfect solution to different business types, such as travel agency, tour agency, small business and corporations. We are proud to say that we provide high-standard service to each and every client and partner.

Constant Growth

It all began as one idea, only to grow to the company we know now. Viselio is constantly growing in the number of employees, and the most importantly in the number of markets we cover. We are determined and confident that our visa knowledge will improve the visa process on a global level.